ROMLAG 1945 – 1965 – exhibition at the Maps Museum

The Museum of Communism (MOCR) and Maps Museum (MNHCV) organize the first project in partnership to offer the public a range of 20th-century maps and stories that were not told before in an exhibition.

The theme of the exhibition spreads into 4 main directions: Riots-Resistance-Repression, Jails, Deportation, and Frontiers.

The facts and stories are told with maps and additional documents, which give a “bird’s view” of Romania after WW2 under the Soviet influence and the abolition of democratic laws and principles.

The first 20 years of Communist regime in Romania, 1945 – 1965, were the most dramatic ones and this exhibition presents archive documents and scientific statements to give the public correct, accurate, and direct information about the communist regime.

Another premiere of this project is that, along with the facsimiled maps from National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archive, The National Archives, and Fundatia Culturala Memoria, there will be an interactive projection that will allow the public to follow places, dates, and names in a more dynamic way and to get a more emotional approach to the large scale drama that transformed the country into a gulag system.

The archival maps will be displayed for the first time, along with photos and documents both in English and Romanian.

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