National Center for Cartography

Wednesday 6 July, 6:30 pm, optional tour at the National Center for Cartography.

Address: 1A Expoziției Blvd., Bucharest, Romania.

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The tour of the National Center for Cartography includes a visit to the Institute’s printing department, where you will learn about the art and science behind the production of its cartographic products by walking through the cartographic workflow from original data sets to final products. You will also assist in the final stage of the map-making process: printing the final product using our large format equipment.

The tour also includes a visit to the photogrammetry office, where you can analyze a 3D city model with the help of our specialists, explore a 3D photogrammetric stereo model, and navigate through the point clouds acquired using the latest terrestrial and airborne laser scanning technology.

The National Center for Cartography has a history of more than 50 years – period over which it has undergone several changes of name and has constantly enriched its field of activity. The main activity of the institution is to provide specialized technical support to develop and update national geodetic and cartographic databases to fulfill the tasks of the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration and of its territorial offices. The activity of the institution represents a fundamental support in cartography for the whole territory of Romania.

The National Center for Cartography is the responsible authority for producing the official maps of Romania in analog, digital format, and digital terrain model, for publishing cartographic products on different scales, derived from the national cartographic database, in order to address the need of an up-to-date maps at a reasonable scale, which can be used as a decisional support. Also, the National Center for Cartography creates cartographic products of any type by photogrammetric methods.

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